The Participatory Method: A modern approach to learning

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At National Campus, we adopt a participatory method of teaching and learning which demands rigorous participation from both the students and teachers. A careful blend of the traditional classroom learning with more contemporary tools and techniques of learning is key to increasing overall learning efficiency.

Group Discussions

According to the subject demand, group discussions among students are organized frequently so that diverse ideas are shared. This makes the whole process of learning fun, stimulating and meaningful.

Class Participation

Inquisitiveness is highly appreciated at National Campus. While students are encouraged to put forward their queries and doubts without hesitation, they are likely to face surprise tests and pop quizzes to test their awareness and focus.

Guest Lectures
Leading personalities and authorities from various fields are regularly invited to speak to students on a variety of subjects and share from their storehouse of experience and knowledge. These activities inspire students towards professionalism and the will to take initiatives in life.

Audio-visual Aids
Each Classroom has multimedia access. Audio visual and other teaching aids are used where required to ensure effective learning.

Projects and Presentations

Students are assigned projects relevant to the course requirement. Project works are always highly demanding as students need to demonstrate their ability to experiment, manage time and practice presentational skills.

Field Trips and Excursions

As we all know, students need to experience the application of their knowledge in the real world and also get some time off from the monotony of classroom learning. Therefore, we at National Campus frequently organize excursions and field trips to enhance practical learning.